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The Art Of Baking

Brumby’s Eden Rise is a well-known community based bakery looking after the locals. With fresh, tasty bread baked daily for our customers, Brumby’s Eden Rise has something for every occasion – including catering for local sporting and community fundraisers.

Pop in and meet the friendly staff to find out more about the extensive range.

About Brumby’s

Here at Brumby’s, we believe in inspiring the community through the art of baking.

Our Berwick bakery takes pride in moulding the perfect creation born from simple ingredients. The passion and love we share for our craft is like no other. We also respect the history of those artisan bakers who have come before us, and we honour their legacy with a modern and creative approach.

Real Ingredients

The Berwick community we service demands that “homemade” mean “homemade”. This is a promise we keep because it is the basis for our inspiration. Real raw ingredients are brought to life by combining them with passion and love. The end result is authentic, honest baked goods as well as a desire to bake more.

We are fully committed to bringing you freshly baked bread made from scratch, and using the best ingredients, every single day. For example, we use 100% Aussie wheat fresh straight from the farm. We also offer a wide array of sweets and hot savoury products to cover all of your bakery needs. Brumby’s are home grown for healthy homes!


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