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The Good Companions

Snappers take pride and care in the quality and preparation of their delicious food. Offering an extensive selection of fish, homemade hamburgers and renowned lamb on the spit souvlaki.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Fish and Chips

At Snappers we only use fresh ingredients and the food is never greasy. Snappers is owned by a husband and wife team who deserve a medal for great service and food. They strive to offer you great food in a friendly atmosphere.

Catering and Gluten Free options are available upon request.

A Brief History of Fish and Chips

It seems that the first recorded instance of combining fish and chips was in a London shop opened by a Jewish migrant named Joseph Malin in 1860. It did not take too long for the concept to make its way to Australia. The first shop here is usually credited to Athanasias Comino, a Greek migrant who started serving the dish in 1879 on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

In Britain, fish and chips became so popular that by 1927 there were approximately 35,000 shops to be found throughout the country. That number has declined to around 10,000 today.

Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill once referred to fish and chips as “the good companions.” They were even considered so crucial to public morale during WWII, that they weren’t subject to the same rationing as most other foods.

In Australia, there are approximately 4000 fish and chip shops operating today. Migrants, in particular, have played a crucial role in popularising this takeaway item by investing and opening businesses across the country. In fact, fish and chips have become an essential menu offering in not only takeaway shops, but also restaurants, hotels, and bistros.

Fish and chips are an integral part of the Australia’s culinary landscape. Whether wrapped in paper or served on the finest china with silverware.

Come by Snappers Fish n Chips today for a variety of fresh and tasty takeaway. We are conveniently located in the Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre.

**Catering and Gluten Free options are available upon request.**


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