Strawzenberry – Juice Bar Berwick

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Strawzenberry - Juice Bar Berwick

Strawzenberry is now open at Eden Rise!

Not just your average juice and gelato bar, Strawzenberry offers a range of great smoothies, cold pressed and freshly squeezed juices, smoothie bowls and gelato.


Strawzenberry is a health-centric juice and smoothie bar located in Berwick. Our menu includes healthy options including smoothies, acai bowls, cold pressed or freshly squeezed juices and bliss balls. We also have indulgences such as gelato and our signature mad shakes.

Our Menu

Our menu includes a wide variety of healthy and nutritious juices, smoothie bowls, protein drinks, cold pressed juices, salad bowls, raw treats, and seasonal bowls

We have a selection of smoothies that are made vegan, with no artificial sweeteners, and dairy free. Our Pure Energy smoothie features bananas, walnuts, dates, soy milk, cinnamon, maca, ice. Our Just Protein smoothie features coconut milk, bananas, frozen strawberry, chia, and raw pea protein. Another customer favorite is the Acai Cup smoothie featuring 100% organic acai blended with coconut water, banana, frozen berries, spinach, mango, and ice and topped with granola.

We also offer fresh and cold pressed juices. You can choose from orange, apple, spinach, banana, pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, lemon, kale, ginger, celery, mint, carrot, kiwi, mixed berries, and beetroot. The following can also be added to any juice: Bio Spark Vitamin C Powder, Organic Maca, or Acai Powder.

Lattes and Tea
Lattes are available made with either Bonsoy, Almond, or Coconut Milk. Varieties include turmeric, coconut, matcha, beetroot, and chai. Organic teas are also available.

Tasting Menu
Our food offerings include seasonal bowls made with fresh, in-season ingredients. We also offer the following year-round: soup, dips, vegan pancakes, and gluten free banana bread.

Berwick Juice Bar - Strawzenberry

Visit our Berwick juice bar location in the Eden Rise Shopping Centre today.