3 Bros Kebab

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10am – 9pm

10am – 10pm

3 Bros Kebabs

3 Bros Kebab’s is a local family story.
A family business, operating through the passion and commitment of three brothers and their father to bring authentic Turkish Kebabs to Aussie taste buds. Halal Snack Packs – also known as “HSP’s” features the taste and aroma of shaved lamb or chicken served up with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and your choice of 3 Bros signature sauces of garlic mayo and hummus, wrapped in a Turkish Pides.

Delicious and healthy, they’ve now also introduced a middle eastern vegan option – falafel pockets which combines ground chickpeas, fava beans and spices into a tasty patty, served with salad.
To finish off this delicious middle eastern meal, add a drink, chips and maybe even an exotic dessert such as Baklava and Turkish Delight.

Some might say that if you’ve been to 3 Bros Kebab before, in store directions are not required – but if you haven’t they’re located in the food court, just near Coles.


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