Eden Rise Charcoal Chicken

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10am – 8pm

10am – 8pm

Eden Rise Charcoal Chicken

The unmistakable smokiness and charry, crisp skin are the best things about charcoal chicken, and it’s available every day at Eden Rise Charcoal Chicken. Moist and tender with concentrated flavour, choose from wings, thighs, breasts, and whole chickens, which are all cooked using a method passed on over family generations .

No one goes to Eden Rise Charcoal Chicken without ordering a few sides, whether it’s golden crispy chips, warm or fresh salads.

Eden Rise Charcoal Chicken provide take-away and home delivery options, and if you order in advance, they can also cater for large family and community gatherings.

Everyone loves chicken, and when you buy from Eden Rise Village, you’re also supporting a Berwick owned and operated local family business.


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