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Fresh And Delicious Sushi Everyday

Eden Rise Sushi prepares and rolls fresh Sushi each day on site to ensure they are providing the highest quality and absolute freshness. With a large selection of sushi rolls, dumplings, dim sims, spring rolls and much more to choose from you won’t be disappointed.

Eden Rise Sushi also has a range of platters for all your catering needs including Nori-maki, Nigiri-sushi, Sashimi, Vegetarian Sushi and more.

Come try our fresh and delicious sushi today!

What is Sushi?

The name sushi can often be confusing for some. Many people tend to think it is essentially a word for raw fish. The definition of sushi is actually a dish of vinegared rice that is topped with other ingredients. Sashimi is slices of raw fish served without rice. The original form of sushi was fermented fish served with rice that had been preserved in salt. It was a staple of Japanese diet until contemporary sushi was created in the 1800’s. The word sushi actually means sour in the Japanese language and is a reference to the salted rice it was originally served with. Because of the steps of fermentation required, sushi used to take a much longer time to prepare. What we know as sushi today was developed to be a kind of Japanese fast food. In fact, it is still considered as such.

The Different Types of Sushi

There are many different types of sushi, which makes it appealing to people with a wide range of tastes.

Nigiri-sushi is hand-pressed mounds of rice topped with a pat of wasabi and various pieces of fish or seafood. Some of the most popular types include tuna (maguro), tuna belly (toro), yellowtail (hamachi), and shrimp (ebi).

Maki-sushi, sometimes called norimaki, are rolls of rice and other ingredients that are wrapped in nori seaweed. Some popular varieties include tuna rolls (tekkamaki) and cucumber rolls (kappamaki).

Inari-sushi are oval shaped tofu pouches that are stuffed with sushi rice and deep fried.

Chirashi-sushi is simply sushi served on a plate or bowl. In other words, rice topped with different ingredients.

The key seasonings associated with sushi are soy sauce and wasabi, or Japanese horseradish. Soy sauce is typically used as a dipping sauce. Some people choose to mix wasabi into the soy for a spicier option. Pickled ginger, or gari, is a common accompaniment and green tea, or agari, is a common drink.


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