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Welcome to the new KOVO HAIR

Kovo Hair is a professional salon providing a full range of hair services for the whole family in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Whether it is for haircuts, restyling cuts, specialist colouring or hair-ups for that special occasion, Kovo Hair is happy to help.

We are excited to announce that we are under new management and bringing a new brand aboard. NAK is Australian owned and made. Sulphate and Paraben FREE. Vegan friendly. Their products include a Soft Colour Range, Signature Range, Aromas Range, Scalp to Hair Range, and Care Range. We believe this new, innovative and sustainable hair care line will make your experience and after care even more special.

Who Are We?

Kovo Hair are amazingly talented and creative hairdressers who are up to date with current trends. We provide a full range of hair services for the whole family in a friendly, warming and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you need a haircut, restyling cut, specialist colour or style for that special occasion, Kovo Hair is excited to help.

What Can We Do?

Getting a new or fresh hairstyle, or even cleaning up your current look can make a world of difference. Just think about how great it feels when you step out of the salon after a trim. You feel confident and happy and ready to take on the world. We here at Kovo are dedicated to giving you a pleasant experience and making this haircut, colour, or style, the best you’ve had to date.

Come in or call to speak to one of the friendly staff for any advice or make an appointment or come in to purchase from the range of specialised hair products.


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