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KX Pilates

KX Pilates Studio offers a revolutionary, fast paced, high intensity, body-toning workout, fusing elements of traditional reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance training for a high intensity workout.

Set to a 50 minute duration, the KX Pilates workout is intensified by utilising more muscle fibres in a shorter amount of time and reducing the amount of time between exercise sets. It’s all about continuous, precise, controlled movements, which burns more calories per minute and results in a much stronger post-exercise reaction. The big bonus, as well as feeling fit and healthy, you will continue to burn calories hours after the class has finished!

As well as regular pilates, they offer a range of one on one appointments, specialised classes including Pre/Post-natal and Barre. Please make your enquries ahead of visiting their studio as times and availabities may vary.

KX Pilates has an inclusive approach and believe that everyone has something to gain from the power of movement. We welcome young and energetic visitors, to mum’s and dad’s, fitness fanatics, and busy, time poor professionals.


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