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Specsavers are well-known for their extensive range of glasses and exceptional customer service. Come in and visit the fantastic team at Eden Rise who have scored 100% on mystery shopping 5 times in a row!

Eye Tests

An eye test is not just about getting glasses – it is a vital health check for your eyes. At Specsavers, we recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every two years, and more often if you notice any changes to your vision or eyes. All eye tests are bulk billed at Specsavers so there’s no reason not to book one today. Eye tests play a huge part in making sure your eyes stay healthy.

We are focused on caring for your eyes and giving you the best possible vision. We want you to see clearly and feel confident in your eyewear and tailor the experience to meet your specific visual needs. An average eye examination takes around 20 minutes but for some people it can take longer.

The First Steps

As your appointment begins, we will all of your personal details. Then we will take a number of preliminary measurements and scans to give the optometrist more information about your eyes. These will include: an electronic measurement of how your eyes focus, a measurements of the curvature of your eyes to aid with contact lens fitting, testing your eye pressure to screen for glaucoma, and a digital retinal photograph to monitor the health of your eyes.

Optometrist Consultation

The meeting with your optometrist is a discussion that allows him or her to better understand the reason for your visit and your visual needs. They will analyse your current eyewear and then measure your current vision. If necessary, they will prescribe glasses or lenses for your specific visual needs. Additionally, they will provide an assessment of the health of your eyes. This will include a screening for eye conditions such as macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Finally, they will explain your digital retinal photographs and make recommendations specific to your visual needs.

After the Consultation

Once you have had your eyes tested and have a prescription you may decide to purchase a pair of glasses. Our next step is to ensure that your glasses are a perfect fit. We will help you choose the right styles to suit your face and also use the latest technology to take precise measurements to ensure that your glasses fit properly after the eye test.


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