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TSG - Smokes Shop in Berwick

TSG Tobacco Station is now open at Eden Rise!

We Stand Out from the Crowd

TSG stores enjoy instant brand recognition. You are not able to walk past our stores without instantly recognising the TSG tobacco station brand. Our ‘bright red signpost’ demands attention, and serves as a beacon for all that we stand for: quality products, ever-improving sales offerings, and warm friendly service.

Human connection and the customer experience is always at the core of how we do business. Our brand loyalty is driven by pairing genuine product with quality, educated customer service. From a consumer point of view our principle is to be number one for best prices, providing a full range of genuine brands, brand knowledge, and providing friendly service to our customers. It may start with a promise, but our work goes above and beyond.

A History of TSG

The story of TSG began over 20 years ago with the opening of a single store. A commitment was made then and there for the brand to operate as best in class within the retail industry for both customers and future franchisees. As of 2015, TSG was rated 13th most popular franchise business in Australia. It was also the only specialist tobacconist represented in the top 20.

Today, TSG is considered a national brand. It is represented by almost 450 franchised stores. TSG has positioned itself as a market leader within the specialist tobacconist realm. In fact, TSG is the franchisor of choice for many of Australia’s successful franchisees.

Second to None

Our product and service is second to none. TSG has grown to become one of the most recognisable international franchise brands today with hundreds of stores. As the foremost franchise in the tobacco, gift and accessory retail, we constantly evolve and improve our excellence in retail to benefit our customers.

TSG Smoke Shop Berwick

Come visit our TSG smoke shop in Berwick today. We are conveniently located in the Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre. Our friendly staff is available to help you find the right product to suit your needs.